Operations Update

Scenes from Gigi's Cucina Povera

Dear Loyal Customers, Friends and Family,

First, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your continued patronage. You have supported Gigi’s throughout the pandemic in so many ways! You have been patient when we are short staffed and understanding when we could not get certain products. You have accepted some needed price increases with grace and been very generous to our staff.

Don’t worry, we are not closing! However, these Covid years have been very hard for all of us and, sadly, it’s not over yet. We at Gigi’s have been vigilant in keeping our staff and customers safe. Our entire staff is vaccinated and we have not had any cases of Covid amongst the team. We have followed all the safety guidelines, installed clean air systems, distanced our customers well and provided a great dining experience in the process. Our customers are happier with our level of service and the quality of our food.

We have utilized much needed Covid funding programs to keep our staffing levels high and maintain a quality dining experience. We continue provide the team with the tools to serve you well while doing our best to limit stress levels. Although it’s permitted, we’ve not yet returned to full capacity.  We are operating (without regret!) at upwards of 40 percent labor cost and are not currently making a profit but that is okay! We are continuing operations, being consistent, and keeping Gigi’s relevant. More restaurants close every day and I am proud and relieved to still be here because of your support. My goal is to have a great staff that wants to come to work and support me in keeping our customers happy while we work to get to the other side of Covid safely.

Effective immediately, we will be returning to a 4-day week. We will be open Wednesday and Thursday from 4 to 9 pm, and Friday and Saturday from 4 to 10 pm.  By implementing this change, we will be able to maintain the staff coverage needed to operate smoothly on those nights. If you usually dine with us on Sunday or Tuesday, I am so sorry for the inconvenience. We hope you will join us on another night.

We will also eliminate the Gubhub app as a delivery option in order to put more focus on our in-house delivery program via the website. (Online ordering is provided by Square and utilizes their delivery partners.) It operates more smoothly, provides better service, and is more cost efficient. You can order pickup or delivery through our website or call 716-877-8788 directly for pickup orders. The full dinner menu is available for takeout so that you can have your favorites at home!

Lastly, I know that many of you miss our music program. We will try to bring it back in some form in the new year. We’ll also work to get more information to you on a regular basis through email and social media.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date. Please also keep us in mind for your dining and catering needs this holiday season! Our gift cards make great holiday presents!

Thank you again for your support!

Mary Ann Giordano and the staff at Gigi’s Cucina Povera