Update and St. Joseph’s Table Information

To Gigi’s Friends and Family,

For weeks we have watched the details of the Coronavirus unfold. We here at Gigi’s have been making the appropriate changes to ensure that our staff and our community remain safe. We review information from the Centers for Disease Control and the New York State Health Department daily. Keeping up on these notices allows us to make the needed adjustments to our policies and procedures.

The restaurant and all tables, chairs, surfaces, and utensils are continuously sanitized. Any employee who is not feeling well is asked to stay home. We have conducted in-service sessions with our staff so they can be educated in the current safe serving practices.

Lastly, in response to the questions we have received regarding the upcoming St. Joseph’s Day Table event:

As you well know, we host one of the most popular and well-attended St. Joseph’s tables in the region. We will be continuing that tradition again this year with some modifications. We will be changing the format from buffet to family-style service. Additionally, the meal will be available as take-out by pickup or delivery (using GRUBHUB) for those who may wish to celebrate at home or may be caring for someone. The dates are March 17 through March 20.

~Gigi’s Management~

Note: Information is subject to change based on current mandates from state and local government. We’ll post updates here and on social media as they occur.